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Trulli and farms: holidays in Puglia

by Vincent on 5 November 2013

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Not only seaside! Do you often wonder about where to go for your autumn holidays? Well, Puglia still is the answer. Holidays in Puglia are suitable for every season, thanks to the charming landscapes and rich buildings that characterize the countryside.

In particular, the land that surrounds Brindisi is full of buildings born from the peasant creativity and laboriousness of the people through history.

Starting from the Trulli, about which we spoke in another article of this blog, the countryside is full of complex isolated buildings around which all the rural history of Southern Italy developed: the farms (Masserie).

Holidays in Puglia become special and culturally stimulating with the Masserie tours. Crenellated towers, embrasueres, boundary walls and galleries recall to the mind ancient stories of brigants and pirates, rich landlords and countrymen. The fountains, and the heraldic signs recall to the splendour of the XVIII century.

Nowadays the Masserie are productive farms and offer to people chances to have the perfect holiday.

The didactic farms are now spread around all the land of Brindisi and give people the opportunity to cook, cultivate, learn from the rural life in masterclasses and non conventional holidays.
If you know more about the didactic farms, you may visit the website here.

In our next article we will speak about the experience in the Didactic Farm “Triticum”.

Stay tuned!



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