Torre Guaceto: the beauty of the uncontaminated land

by Vincent on 28 February 2014

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In a road travel to Brindisi, looking to the seaside, a tower erects on the left, surrounded by crystalline sea and uncontaminated plant life: it is Torre Guaceto, the natural reserve in Puglia that enchants the travelers all year long.




Kilometers of sand bring the traveler in a silent and pondering walk, among aromatic plants, green grass and trees of the Mediterranean scrub.

The area of Torre Guaceto extends itself for 1.110  hectares and includes a beach coast of 8.4km.

The Marine Reserve of Torre Guaceto includes 730 hectares of sea and five oxbows, which demonstrate the attendance of anthropological cultures, thanks to archaeological sites that go from the prehistory to the Middle Age.

The marine environment is extremely rich in animals and vegetal species: from the “caretta caretta” turtles, to dolphins, the sea offers a variety of species observable with the “sea watching“, thanks to the WWF guides.

The Humid zone includes the Mediterranean scrub, from the marsh land to the beaches. the Mediterranean scrub is populated by badgers, weasels and foxes, together with small reptiles such as lizards and green lizards. Among the plants, we may find myrtles, mastic trees, brooms, acacias and holm oaks, which constitute the environmental fabric of the bushy scrub.

The area is also the favorite destination for various species of birds, that nest in the marsh land: here we may find wild ducks, falcons, cormorants and spoonbills.

If you are planning to visit Torre Guaceto, we suggest spring as the best period for sightseeing: the blooming of the plants and the migration processes may enchant you in this silent and peaceful land of Puglia.

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