Savelletri: blue sea and breath-taking landscapes in Puglia

by Vincent on 20 March 2014

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When the sea becomes blue and the sky stands out at the horizon with incomparable sunsets, when the wind gives back the scents of a land made of sea and fresh and isolated countries, it means you arrived in Savelletri.

A little town near Brindisi, where the sea donates amazing landscapes, on the coasts of dark and bevelled cliffs, that dive in the clearness of the waters.

Savelletri is one of the Puglia destinations you shouldn’t lose, if you love sea places still untouched, where tourism hasn’t overturned times and images of a little fishing village.

Its waters, the coasts, the services and the unbending controls and felt environmental education, gave to this place the 2011 Blue Flag.

Savelletri in Puglia donates sand and cliff beaches, changing during summer in a vacation destination for those who live in the towns nearby, but getting crowded also during winter, by young’s and families that come here for a few hours, walking on the beach or crowding the restaurants, where it’s possible to taste typical Puglia dishes.

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