Pugliese Cuisine

Pugliese cuisine: Orecchiette with turnip tops

by Vincent on 10 October 2013

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In the history of Pugliese cuisine, there has never been a strong difference between the rich and the poor people. The search for new recipes was found among the land’s products, which were and still are the same for all people, rich or poor.

In this sense, the recipe for Orecchiette with turnip tops is considered both a poor and an exquisite dish of Pugliese cuisine.

Pugliese Cuisine

The recipe



350gr of Orecchiette

600 gr of turnip tops

Extra virgin Olive oil


Chili Pepper

4-5 Anchovies’ filets



Clean the turnip tops, taking off all the leaves, except the small and soft ones. Place in a large pan together with the sliced garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and chili pepper.
Take off the heat and put the anchovy filets in the olive oil and leave them to melt.
At the same time, boil the Orecchiette in hot salted water, together with the turnip tops and, once cooked “al dente”, put the orecchiette and the turnips in the previously prepared pan.

It is a simple, fast and really delicious recipe from traditional Pugliese cuisine. Try it at home!

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