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Puglia itineraries: From Castro to Otranto

by Vincent on 26 February 2014

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Starting from the Adriatic balcony, as Castro is defined, here starts one of the most charming Puglia itineraries a traveller may explore.

This land is made of legends, myths and soaked with history in every bend: the finding of the Athena statue confirmed the legend that wanted Aeneas gushing over the temple, before arriving in Italy.


But Castro is also the land of the Caves Zinzulusa and Romanelli, famous for the graffiti from the paleolithic era.

Going towards Santa Cesarea Terme, here we find other myths linked to the Catholic religion, that tell about this child, called Cesaria, who escaped paternal evil on the promontory.

Here, the history of the thermal baths meet the legend of the sulfur as a punishment for the father of tho Child, sent by God, but also historical facts are told: even Aristotle used to attend these thermal baths!

Arriving in Otranto the fear for the turks invasions is still alive: entering the Cathedral it becomes strong, for those who know that women and child some refuge inside in 1163, trying in vain to escape from the attacks.

Magic and charme walk with the visitor through the streets of the White Town, among balconies, flowers and antique stones.

In this itinerary we find the Saint Peter bizantine church, miraculously survived to time and left intact as a few more in Italy.  Then we arrive to the Otranto Castle, that now hosts events, exhibitions and concerts, after a renovation mad in the 1980s.

Here, from the top, a marvelous landscape welcomes the sight. And sea and land melt as a painting at the end of one of the most fascinating puglia itineraries.





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