Oria: fairy tale of Puglia

by Vincent on 30 March 2014

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It looks like entering an old fairy tale, when arriving in the tiny town of Oria: Far from the traditional touristic destinations in this region, Oria gives new suggestions of an unknown Puglia.

Oria is located on a hill that lets the town stand out; the little historical town centre, white and protected, is developed in small streets and cosy squares.

It was founded by a group of Cretan shipwrecked and in the centuries hosted romans,  jews and normans, among dominions, influences and stories that left in the town unforgettable signs.

Oria is the town of wards and contradas. Here, every year, a medieval celebration recalls the Frederich II period.

The Cathedral of Oria, with its baroque taste, gives a glimpse of the near Salento. Its facade, the Tower of the Clock, and the dome covered with polychrome tiles are the most suggestive part of this magic place.

But the hidden treasure of this Pugliese fairy tale is the castle, that dominates the town and gives a breath taking view of the valley around.


ph. credit: viaggiareinpuglia.it

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