Locorotondo: a little treasure chest in the heart of the Itria Valley

by Vincent on 4 March 2014

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In the heart of Itria Valley, the land of Trulli, immense landscapes, centuries-old olive trees and scents of Puglia, Locorotondo becomes a fundamental stop-over for the traveller who is keen on history and traditions.

This striking town, that develops on a round map on a hill,  ground its roots in the IX-VII centuries b.C.

The “rounded place” (that is the literal translation of Locorotondo), of Itria Valley, is the harmonious summary of different  historical moments that went through.

From the roman age to the Middle Age, until the 1800, this little town is considered one of the most beautiful hamlet in Italy, with its tiny concentric streets, on which the “cummerse”, the pointed house coverages, expose.


The white color of the lime that covers the stone is dominant in this little centre of Itria Valley, where the land assumes an important position because here the population produces the most precious extra virgin olive oil and the most appreciated wines, as for as the White Locorotondo wine.

Old churches, decorated with frescos and embellishments, refine the hamlet, that still preserves the antique features.

It is a little treasure chest of faith and art, and it gives to the traveller unforgettable suggestions.

Vineyards wind up on the dry stone walls, olive trees surround old farm houses, the Mediterranean scrub spread all around in the landscape, as in the middle between dream and reality.

From 2012, Locorotondo has got the Orange Flag from the Italian Touring Club, a qualification that gives to the hamlet an eminent award and importance in the italian tourism scenery.



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