Italian cuisine: the tradition of Orecchiette

by Vincent on 4 September 2013

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In the Italian cuisine, the Orecchiette are placed in a leading position.
Their name comes from their shape, which reminds a small ear and the ability to make them by hands is a richness of old women and housewives.

Although the typical recipe is that of Orecchiette with turnip tops (if you want to know more, here we propose a recipe), Orecchiette are cooked with different types of sauces in all the region.

What you need to make it are simple and few ingredients:

300gr of durum wheat flour
Lukewarm water


How to make Orecchiette:

On the level, knead the durum wheat flour for a long time, together with water and a little bit of salt, until you will obtain a smooth dough. It has to be not too hard but not too soft.

Then you need to make small cylinders from the dough and, with the help of the thumb or of a knife, model the pasta to make the little ears’ shape.


We met this old woman that showed the old art of making Orecchiette. Here there are some of the passages she made to prepare this pasta. It definitively is a form of supreme art, made of typical tastes and colors of our land.

Enjoy the show!



(Ph. credit Valentina Fiorentino)

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