gravine of puglia

Gravine of Puglia: the caves among the lands

by Vincent on 26 March 2014

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Among the centuries old olive trees and the almond trees, Nature in Puglia donates an unexpected landscape.

Among Murgia and Jonian Sea, the land is cracked in two parts, giving birth to those considered the canyons of Puglia.

Among the most fascinating shows in the world, the Gravine of Puglia are big erosive cuts in the soil, that can arrive to 100meters deep. Like scars in the land, dug in the centuries by water and Mother Nature force.

Gravine of Puglia give to the region marvelous landscapes, natural sculptures modeled on the stone with time. Among these rocky throats the first settlements were born.  Here, among rituals articulated with seasons and land rhythms, an authentic religion was born.

The human presence in the Gravine of Puglia is documented in the Neolithic and then in the Middle Ages it throve. The house-caves were used as refuges for the farmers.


Ginosa, Mottola, Grottaglie, Crispiano, Laterza, Statte, Castellaneta, Massafra, Palagianello are the few villages where the Gravine of Puglia are visible.

They are fascinating destinations for those who come to Puglia. Beautiful churches, sanctuaries and icons decorated in bizantine style.

This and a lot more are the Gravine of Puglia, a magic wound in the land.


gravine of puglia

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