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Events in Puglia: Palio del Viccio

by Vincent on 10 March 2014

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If you would like to dive in a charming, surreal and antique atmosphere, you won’t want to lose the show of Palio Del Viccio, in Palo del Colle (Bari).

This is one of the most appreciated events in Puglia, thanks to its uniqueness.

It is a “chivalric strife” that occurs every year during the Mardi Gras and that starts in the historic frame of Corso Garibaldi, to arrive in Santa Croce Square.

The chevaliers have to drill a ball full of water with a lance, while riding a horse. Hooked into the ball there is a cage with a turkey inside, defined “Viccio”.

The show given by the chevaliers, together with the tension and the enthusiasm of the people donate to the Palio an unique atmosphere, that melts history, popular traditions and  and territory promotion.

Palio del Viccio is one of the events in Puglia that mostly characterize this region. It fascinates the traveller with its historical meaning, for the strong narrative importance.

The citizens from the different parts of the cities support their chevalier, acclaim the winner and his horse, in a enthusiastic atmosphere that involves the entire city.

Visit Puglia and have the chance to see the Palio del Viccio will immerse the visitor in a mood of an antique past, stories of chevaliers and ladies, traditions amend sacre and profane, letting the traveller live a event in Puglia that excites and psychs up.



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