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Didactic Farms: Masseria Triticum

by Vincent on 12 November 2013

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As we disclosed in our last article, today we are speaking about didactic farms in the Salento area and, in particular, about Masseria Triticum, where we had the chance to experience a didactic workshop in September.

Surrounded by kilometers of land, the Masseria takes its name from Triticum , the latin name that indicates the wheat cultivated in the area around the farm. The sound of the name is also onomatopoeic and reminds the sound of the wheat broken under the mill.

In this farm, people can experience work holidays and didactic workshops both for children and adults. The fresh air and the peaceful atmosphere that surround the farm are ideal for a relaxing moment out of daily life.

During our day at the didactic farm Masseria Triticum we experienced the home making of Orecchiette with the Chef.  Everyone in the group personally made orecchiette with the old method learned from the housewives.  Moreover, the Chef taught how to make typical desserts of the tradition, called Chiacchiere, dressed with self produced honey from the Salento area  and fried in extra-virgin olive oil from the Masseria.

The dinner organised soon after the experience included the pasta made from the participants and all the products that the Masseria prepares and cultivates in house.

In the workshop people can experience a real education to taste: through the manipulation of the first matters, the didactic farms tends to teach curiosity, helping people to overcome prejudices towards food.
Furthermore, what they want to give to people is the ecological awareness. The knowledge of agricultural life and the food cycle, together with the social role of the farmers become the essential tool for an informed consumption of food and respect for the environment.

At the end, there is much more than a simple outdoor activity. The experience becomes a direct link between people and land and their natural bond, so many times forgotten by frenetic lives and distance among people.


If you want to know more about Masseria Triticum or you want to contact them for a didactic workshop, click here!



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