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Charming Italian towns

by Vincent on 15 December 2013

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The smallest and most loved towns in Italy for foreign people, according to Quora, are charming and are waiting to be visited soon.
Believe it or not, three of the destinations among the charming Italian towns chosen by people are in Puglia.

“The Lamb stew with chicory and boiled eggs sounds strange enough however you must try the local “patois” in the form of pezzéddhe, cicatéddhe e vròcchele p’a scardéddhe, lajianèddhe e cice,frettecéddhe p’i patane and carne a cciopparèddhe.
Don’t ask…just eat!”


“Gnumerèdde suffuchète are roulades of lamb’s tripe, tied with animal’s guts and boiled for a long time in terra cotta pans. This area is very poor and this dish reflects this, we are far away from the richness of the North…”


Orecchiette” is the pasta of Puglia, mainly served with lamb ragu and ricotta cheese, however in Otranto fish food is king: octopus cooked alla pignata (in clay pots) as well as spaghetti with mussels.”

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