Alberobello: in the homeland of Trulli

by Vincent on 6 March 2014

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The view gets lost in colored glimpses of lands and grass, little hills that go down to the valley, continuing the breathless landscape. This is the Itria Valley, in the southend part of the Murgia area. Here stand up Alberobello, with its Trulli.

A little town made of history and legend, nestled in a striking frame of scents and colors.


On the red karst  ground that extends for kilometers, the centuries old olive trees worm sketching thousands of figures. The nubby branches hug among themselves, hiding in the leaves little pieces of a charming scenario.

On the slopes of the hill, Alberobello starts to give to the traveller its pieces, with some Trulli starting to appear in the land, that forewarn the arrival in a fantastic town.

Alberobello is the Itria Valley: it is the image that stands in the mind of those who visit this place. The marvelous historic center dominates the Valley with the covers of the Trulli that become dense, painting a dreaming and picturesque village.

Sunsets, dawns, star-spangled nights and snowfalls give to the Trulli always a new guises. These are shows that renew the magic also for the local citizens!

There is not a tourist that, visiting Puglia, doesn’t stop in Alberobello, bewitched by the beauty of a land that seems so far from the rest of the world.




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